Little Santa 2023 Bell (23 cm)

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Ring, Christmas bells! This year's Little Santa Teddy bear captures the enchanting sound of Christmas bells, ringing out with joy. Taking the baton from last year's Little Santa, who resembled a newborn baby with an innocent expression, we introduce Little Santa 2023 Bell, heralding the birth of Jesus.

Crafted with care, this Teddy bear is made from luxurious brown curly mohair, exuding a touch of elegance and maturity. Her muzzle has been delicately trimmed, giving her a classic and refined expression. Little Santa 2023 Bell adorns a unique and delightful bell necklace, adorned with a festive ribbon tied at the nape of her neck. The ribbon showcases a charming stripe pattern in the traditional Christmas colors of red and white, crafted in France with meticulous detail.

To complement the golden bells, the Teddy bear's nose is meticulously embroidered with shimmering gold thread, adding a touch of opulence. Her plush soles are also carefully embroidered in a matching shade, serving as an identifying mark that she is none other than Little Santa 2023.

Embrace the magic of Christmas with Little Santa 2023 Bell, a truly special Teddy bear that embodies the festive spirit and the joyous sound of Christmas bells.

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