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About Steiff

Founded in 1880, Steiff has pursued excellence with determination, fuelled by the founder’s moto “For children, only the best is good enough”. All Steiff animals are creation of the highest standard and recognisable by the immaculate workmanship, the quality of the materials, the love for minute details and the legendary trademark: the Steiff “Button in Ear”.

Steiff teddy bears and stuffed animals are primarily divided into two categories: Child/Baby and Collectible. Child/Baby items are suitable for children of any age and are made from cuddly soft material. Collectibles are mainly for adults and are made from mohair, alpaca or other valuable material. Regardless of the collection that you are attracted to, Steiff’s highly prized toys have proven to withstand the test of time, continuing to delight children and adults alike.

Commitment to Quality

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Button in Ear Trademark

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History of Steiff

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