Teddy Bear Petsy Replica 1928 (32cm)

Teddy Bear Petsy Replica 1928 (32cm)

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Steiff Petsy Replica 1928 bear is a special bear which was only available as 'samples' or 'custom-made'. Here his descendant, Petsy the Teddy Bear 1928 Replica, is now exclusively available in a series of just 928 pieces worldwide.?He is made from the finest mohair which has been given artistic airbrushed patina and has deep black eyes and magnificent hand embroidered mouth and nose.?He also has a growler in his tummy and is stuffed with excelsior wood shavings together with a famous Steiff button in the ear in the colour red - which shows he is a very special Replica bear.

Limited edition of just 928 pieces available worldwide.

Surface washable.

White label with famous Steiff 'underscored' patinated steel button in the ear, just as the original bear found in the archives has.

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