Replica 1906 Teddy Bear (50 cm)

Replica 1906 Teddy Bear (50 cm)

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1906 was a significant year in Teddy Bear History. It was the year that the name Teddy was given to 'Barle', named after the US President at the time - Theodore Roosevelt and the much noted Berryman cartoon...crossing the line at the Mississippi. This in turn, led to what is called 'The Teddy Bear Boom Year of 1907', where demand and sales reached an all time high. This captivating replica from 1906, has all the charm and endearment that you would expect from one of such an age, with of course, that magical touch by Steiff.

1906 is 50 cm tall and jointed, with traditional wood shavings for stuffing and large round, glossy black eyes, plus he has been sewn from an 'aged' luxury blonde mohair, with distressed, wool felt paws. All of this combined, shows the passage of time; the regular cuddles and tickles that begin to show wear. You begin to see the history before him, what he has seen and where he has been - the long time, much loved silent observer.

Those fabulous cupped ears, that emotive glance, that kissable hand stitched nose, on his smartly shaved muzzle, all adds to his distinguished character.

This glorious 1906 Replica is a Worldwide Limited Edition of just 906 pieces.

CAUTION! This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.

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