PGB 35 Replica 1904 (35 cm)

PGB 35 Replica 1904 (35 cm)

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Steiff PGB 35 Replica 1904. Like archaeologists who have discovered an important fossil, Steiff has made a very significant discovery. It's a find that adds a new chapter to the history of the Teddy Bear. The original Teddy bear, on which the PGB 35 replica is based, was discovered by a prominent collector in Switzerland. It was brought to the company's attention last year. Steiff's archivists and designers could hardly believe their eyes. PGB35 has rod joints with a hand-stitched nose - and is believed to date after PB35 and PB55, but before the Richard Steiff bear and Teddy Girl. That means he bridges the gap between rod and disc jointing - and changes Teddy bear history forever! Steiff button in ear featuring elephant motif made of patinated steel. Made of the finest mohair in a dark blond colour. Boot button eyes and rod-jointed. Limited edition of just 1,904 pieces worldwide. Like all true replicas, kevery piece is hand stuffed with Swiss wood shavings. In addition to his historical significance, PGB35 is also a very charming and attractive bear. If you are a true Steiff fan, your collection simply will not be complete without this important, appealing bear.

Surface washable.

White label with famous Steiff patinated steel button in the ear.

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