Treff Replica 1928 (14 cm)

Treff Replica 1928 (14 cm)

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It doesn??¢t get any closer than this! Our Treff replica 1928 is so close to the original, we had trouble telling them apart. We think you will, too! We??¢ve gone to great lengths to duplicate the original down to the last detail. From the intricate hand airbrushing to the patented, half-covered glass eyes, to the original light brown coloured cotton velvet fabric to the hand wood stuffing, Treff is simply fabulous ??and tremendously accurate in every way! Treff??¢s neck is jointed and he has wire in his front and back legs to help him sit properly ??just like the original. Treff sets a new standard for replicas. Own him today!

  • light brown, sitting
  • jointed, surface washable
  • with glass eyes
  • limited edition of 1.000 pieces worldwide
  • stuffed with wood shavings
  • "underscored button??made of patinated steel
  • 14 cm

CAUTION! This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.

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