Filou Cat (21 cm) - Steiff Hong Kong

Filou Cat (21 cm)

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ÒLook into my green eyesÓ, Filou cat seems to be saying. No sooner are you awake than sheÕs there, nestling against your cheek. SheÕll look over your shoulder when itÕs story time or when youÕre watching a film. According to the designers at the Steiff workshop, creating a cat with character is one of the hardest things to do. Measuring 21 cm tall, Filou cat is a real beauty! Her smooth, elegant grey coat is made of fluffy tipped plush, while the pink on her ears and nose provides a gentle contrast. Her contrasting white snout and white paws add to her charm, and the airbrushing on her mouth, nose, ears and corners of the eyes complete the detailed design. Filou cat loves to play. And sheÕs always there when you need a friend. She strokes the children with her soft front paws and makes them feel safe. Everything is going to be ok.
  • 21 cm
  • light grey
  • made of cuddly soft plush
  • stuffed with synthetic filling material
  • with safety eyes
  • with stainless steel "Button in Ear"
  • machine washable at 30¡ C

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