Chayenne Horse (28 cm) - Steiff Hong Kong

Chayenne Horse (28 cm)

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Chayenne has understood the signal for her next exercise. She has to stand still and lift up her front right leg. Maybe she's going to trot? First at a moderate pace, then fast... just the way she likes it! Measuring 28 cm tall, Chayenne horse is an elegant dressage horse with a short, brown fluffy plush coat. Her neck is gently curved and she has a pure white blaze. Her dark eyes watch on attentively. She has a matching brown mane and well-groomed tail. Her body and dark hooves are topstitched and shaped with great attention to detail, while airbrushing on her mouth, nose, hooves and corners of the eyes makes her even more expressive. Children who (would) like to ride will love this clever mare. Together, they can immerse themselves fully in the wonderful world of equestrian sport... Change direction through the middle of the course, Chayenne!

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