Dusty Dangling Pony (26 cm) - Steiff Hong Kong

Dusty Dangling Pony (26 cm)

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A pony to cuddle and adore... While real ponies with their soft nostrils, wonderful manes and cheerful neighing are a little too big to play with, Dusty from the Steiff workshop makes the perfect playmate. Measuring 26 cm tall and blonde in colour, Dusty dangling Pony has a short, fluffy plush coat that is perfect for stroking and combing with your hands. His mouth, nose and corners of the eyes are airbrushed, and he has a beautiful blaze ¡V his mane and tail are wild and untamed. "What are we doing today?" Dusty watches expectantly. His tightly stuffed hooves in light grey plush are already pawing the ground in anticipation! And because he's so agile, he has the most amazing pony adventures... Children can quite literally let their imaginations run wild. Take Dusty to bed at nighttime and the adventures will continue in the land of dreams. Can you hear the gentle snorting?

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