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Mimmi Cat (24 cm)

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Mimmi cat watches the children attentively. And it's no wonder! They have one of her favourite balls of wool and a red one, too. When are they finally going to throw it her way? Now? ... Now? Mimmi is so excited! And so are her friends. Measuring 24 cm tall, Mimmi cat is a soft and cuddly, red tabby plush cat who loves to be stroked. Her white snout and white paws provide a visual contrast, while airbrushing on her mouth and corners of her eyes add extra expression. The inner ears and nose are set off in pink. She appears relaxed - her front legs are slightly bent and her back legs are to the side. However, her dark green eyes reveal how eager she is to join in the fun. Is the ball of wool going to fall into her paws? Or is she going to have to pounce .... and if so, in which direction? Mimmi cat is adamant - the red ball of wool is hers!

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