Soft Cuddly Friends Cassie Cat (26 cm) - Steiff Hong Kong

Soft Cuddly Friends Cassie Cat (26 cm)

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Little tiger ready to pounce... There's no mistaking Cassie cat's spirit of adventure! Children will want to play tag and go climbing with her! Her little grin lets you know that she can hardly wait. Measuring 26 cm tall, our strawberry blonde Soft Cuddly Friends Cassie cat is stretching and getting ready to pounce. Her soft, cuddly plush coat is thick, short and a little tousled, and her pale plush snout and ears come with airbrushed details. She has inquisitive little eyes, a pink nose, pale paws and a happy, upright tail. Every single Soft Cuddly Friends Cassie cat is a greeting from the Steiff factory. Thanks to the little bean bags in all four paws, this little cat is able to remain steady as she prepares to pounce... Cassie cat is the perfect companion for any child who loves to play with fun, independent cats.?

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