Soft Cuddly Friends Berno Goldendoodle (26 cm) - Steiff Hong Kong

Soft Cuddly Friends Berno Goldendoodle (26 cm)

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??Woof! Can you hear me???Berno Goldendoodle from the Soft Cuddly Friends family looks on with those big puppy dog eyes... Does no one want to fondle his soft, cuddly fur? He needn??¢t worry ... the boys and girls sense his gaze, cradle him in their arms and dote on him adoringly. Measuring 26 cm tall, Steiff??¢s Soft Cuddly Friends Berno Goldendoodle comes in a lying-down position with a slightly curly, beige-coloured plush coat resembling that of a Golden Retriever and Poodle. His white, smooth plush chest and tummy offer a lovely contrast. As both his middle and his distinctive brown plush paws are padded with little bean bags, Berno Goldendoodle always keeps his shape. His slightly curved tail completes the look perfectly, and his magnificent floppy ears are crying out to be fondled. And when he plays, they flap around impressively in the air!

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