Schnucki Rabbit (24 cm) - Steiff Hong Kong

Schnucki Rabbit (24 cm)

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Oh it's so cosy - a stretch here, a little snooze there, briefly chatting with the others and making new plans. Measuring 24 cm tall, Schnucki rabbit is beige in colour and received all of his characteristic rabbit features at the Steiff workshop. The fibres of his cosy, iridescent plush coat shimmer in the sunlight. His snout, inner ears and little pom pom tail come in contrasting cream and white. He has airbrushed accents on his mouth, nose, ears and corners of his eyes. His front paws gently nestle together and make a comfy pillow. He loves a cuddle and a stroke. And he enjoys being held when it's time for a goodnight story. In the meantime, however, Schnucki rabbit has just discovered some fresh clover. And made a spontaneous decision (because the way to his heart is also through his tummy)!

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