Soft Cuddly Friends Gola Dangling Horse (27 cm) - Steiff Hong Kong

Soft Cuddly Friends Gola Dangling Horse (27 cm)

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This little horse is up for any sporting adventure... our Soft Cuddly Friends Gola dangling horse is made of soft and cuddly plush, and is so agile that he can take on any show jumping course with ease. Throw together a couple of obstacles - building bricks, a few storybooks - perhaps Schnucki rabbit, Cassie cat or one of the other Steiff Soft Cuddly Friends would be brave enough to join in the fun? Gola dangling horse jumps cautiously... Measuring 27 cm, our reddish brown, softly stuffed Gola dangling horse is a bundle of energy and ideas. To ensure he lands safely after a jump and can sit down comfortably, his hooves and hind quarters are cushioned with little bean bags. His diamond-shaped blaze, mouth, nostrils and hooves are made of beige plush, and he has a matching wild mane and tail. Gola dangling horse has already brought much joy to the Steiff workshop as he was being made. Have fun playing!

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