Light at Night Wittie Owl (19 cm)

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Measuring 19 cm tall, our lovingly designed Light at Night Wittie owl is made of soft, cosy plush in grey and white, and will keep children company as they fall asleep. As your child gives her a good-night cuddle, Wittie's face, her beautiful wings and her feet will feel wonderfully soft and snuggly. Her eyes and embroidered, glow-in-the-dark stars will glow gently in the dark for up to 20 minutes. The glow-in-the dark details have a soothing effect that will help children fall asleep. It won't be long before they're asking you to turn off the light so that Wittie can glow!
  • Health safety
  • Unrivalled quality since 1880
  • Top-quality materials

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