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Soft Cuddly Friends Aila Seal (40 cm)

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Why does it have to be so stormy today! Alia seal has managed to get close to a swarm of herring. Just a few more metres, she turns her head ... but her young son is no longer behind her! Just murky water! She hears a distant cry... Measuring 40 cm, Soft Cuddly Friends Alia seal was crafted with such care at the Steiff workshop. She is ice-blue, soft and cuddly with a printed plush fur coat and bright white on her chest and under her flippers. Her black nose and mouth are stitched and the little spots on her short-pile snout represent whiskers. Embellished with fluffy white brows, her black eyes are kind and gentle as she catches sight of Aro. The little runaway!... Soft Cuddly Friends Alia seal is warm and cuddly, and comes with soft stuffing. Thanks to the little bean bags in her flippers and lower belly, she is able to lie steady. Her strong, realistic-looking tail fin drives her through the water. ?Swim Aro, the herrings are waiting!?
  • 40 cm
  • light grey
  • made of cuddly soft plush
  • 100% polyester
  • stuffed with synthetic filling material
  • with safety eyes
  • with stainless steel "Button in Ear"
  • machine washable at 30¡ C

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